There's no wealth without sea health

Why is Sea Level Change important?

Changes in the rate of sea level rise are intimately related to changes in the Earth’s climate. The Sea level change has important socioeconomic consequences for populations living all around the world near the current mean sea level in cities like Venezia, San Francisco, New York, Mumbai or Shanghai.

Why is Sea Level rising?

The average global temperature for 2015–2019 is on track to be the warmest of any equivalent period on record. It is currently estimated to be 1.1°Celsius (± 0.1°C) above pre-industrial (1850–1900) times. A rising in global temperature involves more ice to melt. Arctic summer sea-ice extent has declined at a rate of approximately 12% per decade during 1979-2018. The four lowest values for winter sea-ice extent occurred between 2015 and 2019.

How will Italy look like in 200 years?

What risks are we running?

This problem may have strong implications, in addition to the loss of biodiversity, on productive activities conducted in coastal areas, but above all on recreational and tourist activities and even on historical, artistic and cultural heritage, as in the case of Venice. In addition to the possible damage to natural resources, the environment and the territory, to economic activities, there could be significant secondary repercussions in the area of work and employment and in the social-health field, particularly for the population most vulnerable to effects of climate change.

What can we do? Education is the key.

Having data is not enough. We need to make them easily accessible and usable from anyone. AccuraSea's App focus is on user experience and clearness. AccuraSea shows you the possible effects of sea-level rising in your city, helping you to contextualize data that otherwise would be difficult to understand.

Using machine learning to make cities more resilient

Thanks to machine learning, and data from NASA and IPCC, we will be able to predict how much damages will produce a raising in the sea level in any country or city. That will help cities taking decisions faster and easier, making cities more resilient and citizens safer.